UA1.KHA availability and power supply status Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Today 23-Nov-2022 at 14:30 EET, the Kharkiv regional electrical grid was completely down after the shelling of civilian infrastructure by russians. Our UA1.KHA datacenter is currently operating on diesel generators, but we cannot predict the duration and uninterrupted operation of services and connectivity. The safety of our employees in Kharkiv is our priority, so we cannot currently schedule diesel generator refuelling or work on the territory of the data center. Also, there is no ETA for any remote hands requests for UA1.KHA.

Currently UA1.KHA is up on, we continue to refuelling DGUs.

UA1.KHA location is currently unavailable. Also, we cannot now give any ETA on the change in the situation.

We have no reason to assume that the power supply will be restored in the near future, regardless of the categories of power supply. Unfortunately, we expect the location to become unavailable for a while within 2 hours. We recommend that you prepare for this.